Natural Beauty Means Using Natural, Organic Products

Natural Beauty Means Using Natural, Organic Products 

If you stop and think about it, the average person uses a lot of beauty products, cosmetics, and hygiene products that come in contact with our skin, male and female.  Studies estimate that women come into contact with around ten different products on their skin.  We often take for granted that every product in the health and beauty aisles have to go through basic testing to be proven that it is safe for the public.  While this may be true, the regulations are not nearly as strict as you would think for products that could potentially enter the bloodstream and affect our body’s organs. 

Buyer Beware 

The FDA is responsible for overseeing the cosmetic industry, which includes both beauty and OTC health products for the skin.  The history of the cosmetic industry is what should give anyone a cause for concern, with beauty products commonly containing lead, arsenic, and numerous carcinogens which passed regulations based on short-term health impacts.  While many of these ingredients have been banned, the same loose regulation standards still apply today and there are many products out there that contain newly discovered carcinogens, hormone disrupters, and unknown ingredients. 

Worth the risk? 

Essentially, the cosmetic industry has to be trusted to put their products through rigorous, scientific testing in order to protect consumers.  Many of us do not want to put faith in large corporations who oftentimes put profits over safety, especially if takes years or decades to prove long-term damage caused by bad products.  There are ways you can take control back in your own hands, though, without forfeiting all beauty and skin care products in the stores.  One way is by using the cosmetic searchable database by the Environmental Working Group. 

Switching to Natural & Organic Beauty  

By shopping for organic skin care and beauty products, you are not only lowering your risk of coming into contact with unknown chemical ingredients, you’re also weeding out the inferior products.  In fact, 100% organic homemade alternatives are often just simplified recipes that the big brands are based off, but without artificial ingredients that are incorporated to create cheaper formulas, more profits.   

Organic products are also safer for the environment.  Every day you wash all those skin care products and makeup down the sink and shower, which eventually ends up entering the groundwater system.  It adds up, with everyone constantly applying and washing these products off.   We here at Love Lurra strive to use Organic ingredients whenever possible.

Treat Yourself 

If you want to shop smart, shop organic, and shop for quality skin and beauty products, you shouldn’t shop cheap.  It is difficult to produce these packaged products with raw and pure ingredients while competing with major corporations that utilize shortcuts and overseas manufacturing infrastructure.   

Just ask yourself which side you want to be on when you’re in the aisles shopping for beauty and skin care products.  Do you want to support the natural brands, so that one day all brands are forced to change their ways to compete?  Vote with your wallet and your heart starting today.  Do it!  It will give a new meaning to retail therapy!

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