5 Steps to a Natural Skincare Routine for Acne and Dry Skin

Do you find yourself plagued with dry yet breakout prone skin? Maybe you're like me and have outgrown your teenage acne, but still experience the sporadic breakout and now also have patches of dry flakey skin? If so, the following night-time skin regimen might be something for you to try. The reason many people continue to suffer with problem skin, is the idea that they need to excessively wash their face, which in turn only leads to dry patches and aggravated acne.

Whenever I have the discipline to stick to this routine, my skin benefits from a smooth and clear complexion that warrants compliments from complete strangers--even on days that I'm not wearing makeup!


Step 1) Cleanse

First gently wash your face with the charcoal soap using a face brush. I use a cheap brush that I bought from Sally’s. It’s only a few bucks and is a great option for those who don’t want to spend the money on an electronic face brush, but still want the benefits of daily gentle exfoliation.

Step 2) Clarify

After rinsing of the soap I follow-up with my toner on a cotton pad. This removes any remaining makeup and debris but also restores the skin’s pH balance.

Step 3) Apply Oil

You might be hesitant to add oil to your face but as long the oils are non-clogging they can greatly improve the look of your skin. I’ll often use  coconut oil as it has antibacterial properties that kills acne. Be sure to avoid your eyes, and apply as little as possible, if your eyes are irritated in the morning you’re using too much.

Step 4) Spot treat

If I have any pimples I’ll also apply a spot treatment. I take a cotton swab and dip it in 100 percent tea tree oil, then gently dab it on any new blemishes. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial that helps squash acne causing bacteria. Be careful not to over do it, tea tree oil can be very drying. It’s important to do this step after adding your facial oil, as undiluted tea tree oil can irritate the skin.

Step 5) Rise and Shine

When you wake up in the morning use a wet cotton pad to wipe the oil off. No need to wash your face again. Some people are hesitant about washing their face only once a day but washing your face too much can actually cause acne and definitely causes dryness. I picked this tip up from a friend who sought the help of a dermatologist after suffering with adult acne.

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