Our Story

How it Began

We’re a family-owned business that makes handcrafted skincare products with natural and organic ingredients.

Our journey began in 2008 when we became more mindful about the beauty products we were using on our body.

Farmers Market Booth

First, we stopped chemically straightening our hair after learning how harmful the caustic ingredients could be. We then began examining every other self-care product we were using and were horrified. Between the hormone disruptors and carcinogenic ingredients, we knew we needed to find better alternatives.

After failing to find products that were truly all natural and not watery, we began making our own. One recipe led to another, and soon extended-family members and friends began encouraging us to sell our homemade body butters and soap.

We began by setting up a stand at our local farmers’ market to sell to our community. Customers would return and tell us how much our products had helped them. From clearing up acne, to helping them with their rosacea or eczema, our natural recipes made a difference, and that felt good.

We now sell online and at various farmers’ markets and pop-up shops in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Company

When looking for a company name we wanted something with meaning.  We stumbled across the word Lurra which means earth in Basque.  Basque Country is a region located in Northern Spain. At one time their main trade was whale oil used to fashion soap.  

Our name Love Lurra or Love Earth, represents how our products are a gift to you from the Earth. We embrace the full circle and believe that if you love the earth it’ll love you back.

Our items are packaged with biodegradable or recycled material.  We use ingredients that are not tested on animals, sustainable, and aligned with several different agencies like Friends of the Forest.