Crafted in the US

Crafted in the US

All of our items are made just outside of Seattle Wa.  In alignment with our  approach to  making our products by hand we print and hand cut our labels taking great care in wrapping each product

We are ways mindful of the ecological impact of packaging and are striving to minimize our footprint on the earth. We do this by using earth friendly inks, recycled paper and containers.   We strive to implement earth friendly solutions whenever feasible. 

Our Ingredients

When crafting our products, we use high quality and organic ingredients whenever possible.  We formulate in small batches to ensure you receive the best product that nature has to offer.  Each and every batch that we make will be used and tested for quality control. (Our friends and family love us!) 

Keep in mind that when purchasing our products we use ingredients that will look and smell slightly different as they are natural.  As an example a batch of lavender from the same field can render a different look, or scent depending on the amount of sun and water it received. 

Supporting Small/Local Businesses

Love Lurra believes in elevating small businesses.  They tend to have a strong passion and pride in what that do.  They like us strive to please and value their customers.  Small businesses are the back bone of our country. Supporting them allows them to be innovative.  America has accomplished amazing things.  It will be exciting to see where we go withing the next decade.  I think we really on just begun to leverage Earths Pharmacy.   


Know that we strive to offer the best product we can and your feedback is always welcomed.  We take great pride and receive so much joy when our customers share their experiences with us.  The relief and excitement they have when the products actually and truly helps various conditions is priceless.