Alkanet – We often use alkanet to produce a natural color of blue or purple in our soaps.  This root has properties that when using in salves/ointments it can help relieve skin inflammation.  You will find that our products made with this root will function as an emollient that will be soothing/softening to the skin
Aloe Vera – We all are familiar with the plethora of benefits of this plant. The gel that is extracted from the leaves has over 70 known substances which includes vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, enzymes, proteins, and much more.  It’s a soothing emollient that promotes new skin growth, moisturizes and protects.  It adds a silky texture to our products.
Amia – This is also known as the Indian gooseberry.  The fruit is very nourishing and is often referred to as “Mother Nature”.  It has a high content of vitamin C and has been used for centuries to treat hair and scalp conditions.
Annatto – Red in color is often used to dye food in a natural way.  It was often used by South American Indians as lipstick giving the plant the name of “Lipstick Tree”.  It has been used for centuries to condition the hair and skin.  It is high in Vitamin A, D and beta carotene.
Arnica – Contains anti-inflammatory properties.  It is often used for sprains, muscle aches and bruises.  In addition it also helps reduce pain and swelling for arthritis suffers. 

Arrowroot Powder – Often used in cooking, it imparts a silky texture to our body products.  It helps control the oily feeling in our body butters as well as or deodorants as it helps absorb perspiration.

Basil – Has been used for centuries, often times as a cold remedy, as well as to ease headaches.  In addition, Basil tea was used to help nausea.  Due to its anti-bacterial and fungicide action it relives itchy skin, acne and insect bites.  We use it in our facial soaps because it is also known to stimulate dull skin and clear up complexions.

Bhringrai – Has been used as a remedy for hair loss as well as various skin conditions.  It helps rejuvenate hair as well as skin.  Often referred to “King of Herbs” for its ability to help hair growth.  It adds moisture and functions as a multivitamin which strengthens and adds shine to your strands.

Black Walnut – Well known remedy for fungal infections.  Its leaves contain tannins that are useful for healing and treating eczema, allergic rashes and athlete’s foot. 

Burdock – This root is believed to have anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties which functions as a great treatment for acne.  It’s also has had some great results when using on ringworms, and athlete’s foot.  When used in hair care it will help promote hair growth, shine and body to ones strands. 
Calendula – Has often been referred to as “Pot of Gold” for centuries it has been used to sooth sensitive and dry skin, which makes it great for individuals suffering from eczema.   The petals have a wide range of anti-inflammatory, and skin healing properties.  You will find that Calendula is also often used on cuts, bites, rashes and minor wounds.
Camu Camu Berry – Has been used for centuries to maintain overall health.  It is native to the Amazon rainforest of Peru and Brazil.  The fruit is packed with more natural vitamin C than any other recorded food source. To give some perspective, it has 30-50 times more vitamin C than oranges.  It is rich in beta-carotene, potassium, antioxidants and potassium. It helps reduce inflammation and functions as an astringent.