Conditioner Bar

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This is: A solid conditioner bar filled with nourishing oils and botanicals. Replenishes and hydrates without residue or build-up.

Made with love to: Soften, detangle, and lock in moisture.

Improve the appearance of: Dry and brittle hair.

Great for hair that’s: Dry, Curly, Fine

Smells: Citrusy

Feels: Buttery

Silk Amino Acids are known to smooth, nourish, and protect strands from split ends without weighing the hair down.

Honeyquat is made from pure honey which soothes and conditions hair while locking in moisture and lessening breakage.

Coconut Oil is able to penetrate and strengthen the hair cuticle and has been shown to protect hair from grooming practices.

1. Massage through wet hair after shampooing.

2. Leave in for 3 minutes.

3. Rinse with cool water.

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