Lemongrass Liquid Body Butter

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This is: A rich body moisturizer that melts into your skin, leaving it supple and glowing with a satin finish.

Made with love to: Lock in hydration and encourage soft and nourished skin.

Great for skin that’s: Normal, Dry, Cracked

Smells like: Uplifting Citrus

Feels: Smooth and decadent.

2 fl oz

Meadowfoam is a wildflower native to the Pacific Northwest that’s been shown to reduce sun damage as it possesses anti-photoaging properties.

Mango Butter is known to replenish moisture and rebuild the skin’s protective barrier. Its lightweight texture leaves a silky, smooth, and hydrated finish.

Lemongrass Essential Oil visibly improves skin inflammation and has a fresh aroma that’s been shown to ease anxiety.

Smooth on a few drops of our moisturizing body oil after a shower or bath while your skin is still damp to lock-in moisture.

Pro-tip: Use a small drop on your cuticles to help soften and smooth rough skin. You can also use a few drops on frizzy hair to tame flyaways or to add shine to dry ends.

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