Earl Grey Lotion Bar

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This is: A solid body moisturizer that hydrates with skin softening butters for a healthy glow.

Made with love to: Quickly melt as you glide it over your roughest and driest body parts.

Great for: Dry Skin, Rough Elbows, Cracked Heels

Smells like: Uplifting Citrus

Feels: Silky and Non-Greasy

2.5 oz

Shea Butter smoothes and softens by filling in cracks. It also helps your skin retain moisture while protecting it from irritants.

Bergamot Essential Oil has been shown to increase collagen production and improve the appearance of severe skin conditions like psoriasis.

Safflower Oil is rich in fatty acids that are known to hydrate severely dry skin, help reduce inflammation, and visibly lessen hyperpigmentation.

Warm the bar in your hands and massage the oils into dry skin.

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