How to Clean Your Living Room in 10 Minutes

Unexpected guests? The next time your friend calls and says she’s in the neighborhood, you’ll want to have the following items on-hand and ready to go.

Laundry Basket: Grab an empty laundry basket to collect any toys or out of place items. Wipe-off any crumbs from the coffee table and rearrange any books or devices. When you’re finished, don’t worry about placing everything where it belongs, you’ll only waste time running around the house. Just throw the items in the basket, then place it in the closet.

Linen Spray: Time to spruce up the couch. Fish out the TV remote and anything lodged between the cushions. Brush off any crumbs and lint onto the floor. Fluff and straighten out the pillows. Then lightly spritz the fabric with a linen spray to leave a fresh scent.

Vacuum or Broom: Sweep or vacuum the floor. Don’t worry about getting the corners or vacuuming the couch. Just make sure you hit the high visibility spots and clean-up the crumbs we tossed from the couch and coffee table earlier.

Scented Candle: The final step in getting your living room visitor-ready is to light your favorite candle. Pick a warm and inviting scent such as our Morning Brew coconut wax candle and let the calming aroma fill your home.

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