Lavender Lotion Bar Gift
Lavender Lotion Bar Gift

Lavender Lotion Bar Gift


Our Lavender Lotion Bar not only smells amazing but leaves your skin feeling highly moisturized.  Being made with Organic Cocoa and Shea butter, this bar starts to melt the minute it touches your skin.  It glides over your roughest, driest body parts (elbows, heels, hands) leaving a silky oil that penetrates deeply into the epidermis. 


Featuring Lavender

Presumed Benefits:
Lavender has amazing skin benefits when used topically.  Lavender oil is known to help with acne due to it's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that fight the bacteria that cause inflammation and acne.  It's often used to help the following: Wounds, Burns, eczema, dry skin, insomnia, anxiety, alopecia, bug repellent and conditions hair.  Oh, the wonders of Lavender never ceases to amaze us.

How to Use a Lotion Bar:
Simply warm in hand and rub over your skin

Cocoa ButterShea ButterSafflower, Essential Oil Blend

  • Organic Ingredients

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