Set of 3 Shower Steamers

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This is: Three of our soothing shower steamers to refresh your senses. Just toss on your shower floor and let the spa begin!

Made with love to: Soothe your sinuses and stimulate your mind.

Great for: Colds, Sinuses, Waking Up

Feels: Invigorating!

Menthol gives a cooling sensation as it stimulates the cold receptors and gives the feeling of a clear and wide nose.

1. Place on the shower floor in the corner, or over your drain.

2. Let water splash it, but avoid placing it directly under a heavy stream.

Pro-tip: Make it last a second round by placing it on a shower shelf or moving it away from the water once the scent kicks-off.

PLEASE NOTE: For external use only. These are not meant to go directly on skin or in your bath water due to the potent concentration of essential oils. Foil packaging color may vary.

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