Lemon Crème Whipped Body Butter

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Size 2 oz

This is: A decadent organic body butter.

Made with love to: Nourish and soften while absorbing quickly.

Great for: All skin types, especially dry and rough skin.

Smells like: Sweet Lemongrass

Feels: Lightweight and fluffy.

Hemp Seed Oil is known for visibly improving dryness and the effects of aging due to its unsaturated fatty acid content.

Babassu Oil has anti-inflammatory properties which may help calm inflammation and promote healthy skin.

Shea Butter smoothes and softens by filling in cracks and helping your skin retain moisture.

Warm a small dollop between your palms then massage on your body.

NOTE: Body butters will melt in warm temperatures. Keep in a cool place. If melting occurs, place in the fridge to solidify, consistency will differ but product will be just as fabulous as ever.

Good for 6 months once opened.

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